I want to be annihilated completely, I want reciprocal forgetting, I want the angels not to recognize me.

Dark brown hair hangs limp

Dark brown hair hangs limp
Down across your forehead, into your eyes
With your head bent forward slightly,
You give me a stare as if to say:
We both fail at looking innocent

Your pointer finger, single and gaunt
Rests along your cheekbone
With your thumb tucked away underneath your chin
I imagine metal spider legs instead of bone
Ticking gears, chains and iron
It’s easier to imagine the people we love
As machines

You have this lopsided grin, one cheek up
Teeth just slightly visible and with a glare askance
You turn to the side and then look down
Legs and hands crossed in self-imposed restraint
As if infectious smiles were wicked
And if you held my gaze too tightly – you might lose it

You have furious blue-grey eyes
Reminiscent of thunderstorms over the sea
But you give hesitant, exploratory kisses
And unsure touches that tingle like
The butterflies in our stomachs

You tr-tr-tremble but I can feel you burning up
I can feel your heart rate
Climbing where your fingers can’t reach
Lifting the edges of my shirt
Exposing the indentation of my lower back

We hold each other’s skeletons. Tight.
You can’t read me and I can’t write you
But I feel your energy and want you closer
Want you to mark up my skin with bruises and scratches
So I know that you didn’t really leave me
The next morning.



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