I want to be annihilated completely, I want reciprocal forgetting, I want the angels not to recognize me.

Why We are Different, and Yet…

I cry when you leave,
You, silent, just don’t let go

I can’t say no
You don’t want to say yes anymore

I am torn between bipolar states
You are torn between New Jersey, Texas, Ohio, Wyoming,
And now Massachusetts…

When you get mad you speak in monotone,
Hang up the phone and smoke a cigarette –
When I get mad
I get emotional,
I get sad,
I get….drunk

My family
Your family

I should be studying right now,
You never bothered

I like psychological thrillers
You like post-apocalyptic “guy movies”

Your lungs
My lungs

I need re-assurance,
You built your own confidence

I love concerts,
You wear earplugs…

I’d die for the stupidest of reasons
You will never understand why

I live like a disaster
You live for tomorrows

You don’t trust.
It kills me not to trust others

And yet,

We both have lost ourselves once or twice
Both have done things to numb the pain
Both have been swallowed by darkness
Both won’t readily forget ourselves again
Both have given second, and third chances
Both have lost loved ones to cancer
Both have known addiction and longing and want
Both love Battlestar Galactica…
Both found each other


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