I want to be annihilated completely, I want reciprocal forgetting, I want the angels not to recognize me.


dear stranger,

i’m am a collection of things i’m not proud of and of good things like the box where i keep all the cards written to me, or my small tin of beautiful colored gum wrappers.

i like smoking menthol cigars, kissing at red lights, having adventures, body modification, never sleeping alone, monster, sunrises over the ocean, five gum wrappers, poetry as a coping mechanism, alice in wonderland, driving around aimlessly at night, things that glow in the dark, and really loud music in the car.

i am a poet. a writer. a lover. a sister. a daughter

I have someone now, someone I’m terrified of losing, but who I feel won’t leave me on purpose. I love him as much as love allows and then some. He is my world and one day, I want to have a real family with him. It’s always been my secret dream, now I taste it on his lips.

i went to school in Boston for a while – but it was too far and everything happened too fast. if there’s one thing i hate (and there is definitely more than one thing) its change. i was institutionalized twice in the span of a few months. i’m working hard now though and one day i wont be so terrified of being alone, one day I won’t be a heroin addict, a fuck-up and a lost girl who doesn’t want to grow up.



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